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Keyword Targeting

2009 October 27

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Choosing proper keywords is an extremely important aspect of search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns. If you want people to find your website you must use keywords that receive at least moderate website traffic.

For example I have website about online business and the search phrase “how to make money” receive roughly 800,000 searches per month. In contrast if you chose a different keyword phrase for your site, such as “free ways to make money” you would be tapping into a phrase that receives only 12,000 searches per month. The difference is tremendous and could determine whether your site receives high or low traffic.

When determining keywords you do not want always want to choose words that receive high search volume. Keywords that have high search volume will have more competition, as more website owners will be optimizing their sites for those specific keywords and phrases. There are times when you can target less frequently used keywords, which will allow for your page rank to be higher in the search engines. While everyone else is fighting for supremacy with the more popular keywords, you can take the less popular keywords and target the minority who use them on a monthly basis.

Pay per click campaigns are effective at targeting visitors who want to access your services. Do not use vague keywords in your pay per click or you are simply wasting your money. If your keyword phrase for a ppc campaign is “how to make money” you will receive many clicks, but it is such a vague phrase that people will not know what they are going to receive when they visit your site. A majority will see what your site offers and quickly leave because it was not what they were looking for. Make pay per click keywords specific to what your site offers. If you sell tires specify that you have a deal on the 32″ Dunlop Gold tires. More specific keywords will lead to more targeted traffic and a higher chance that your visitors will actually purchase your products or services.

Google has a wonderful keywords tool that can be accessed for free by visiting the Adwords: Keyword tool. There you will have the opportunity to type in keywords and phrases to see how popular they rank in Google searches. Also, there is a feature that allows you to type in your website url and they keyword tool will identify words and phrases that you could use in search engine optimization or pay per click campaigns. Not only does the keyword tool identify the words, but it specifies how many searches per month each of the words and phrases receive.

The Keyword Elite 2.0 is another useful tool that allows webmasters to dominate their niche. The software can reveal the “money” keywords for any niche and get your website ranking high in the search engines. A high search engine rank can increase the traffic to your website almost exponentially. Your Adword campaigns will receive a massive boost as you implement the useful tools through this software. Get started today and optimize your keywords for maximum website exposure.

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Keyword Elite 2.0: The New Generation Of Keyword Research Software!

2009 October 17

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Top Article Marketing Sites

2009 October 14
Article marketing is a great way to advertise your website or blog. There are some excellent article submission sites that will boost the amount of traffic your website receives.

The advantages of using article submission sites include:

1. Boost Page Rank – The more relevant links to your website the better your site will rank on natural search engine results.

2. Gives Authority to Your Work – When people read quality articles written by you, that creates legitimacy for your website. If you know what you are talking about people will be more likely to listen to your suggestions.

3. Gets Word Out About Your Site – People will become more familiar with your site as they see your articles. The more articles you post and the longer your website stays active, the more recognizable your website will become.

The best article submission sites will create an opportunity for your articles to be seen by a wide audience. Here are a few of my suggestions for article sites:

1. Ezine Articles – The mother of all article submission sites, this is one service you cannot bypass. With an Alexa website ranking of 155, this site is one of the top websites in the world, let alone article submission sites. Ezine has a database with thousands of articles, which range across every topic. Millions of people visit this website every year.

2. Articles Base – While nowhere near the juggernaut Ezine, but still a very popular article submission site. Articles Base has a website rank of 604, which is quite healthy, bringing in thousands of hits per day. Do not miss submitting your articles to this site.

3. – Another great service, but you must have a paid for email address to use this submission directory. Due to vast amounts of spam, goarticles is attempting to curtail junk articles.

4. Article Alley – With an Alexa website ranking of 3,684 the popularity is beginning to dip. Even at such a seemingly low website ranking, Article Alley still generates thousands of hits a day.

5. Article Dashboard – Another popular service, Article Dashboard offers free syndication service so that your articles receive max exposure.

While the big 5 article submission directories receive the bulk of the traffic, there are still many other submission directories that receive excellent hit counts. Do not hesitate to use Amazines, IdeaMarketers, Isnare, Article City, and many more. This list is by no means comprehensive and you are more than welcome to find the many other article submission sites around the web. For a full list of other ways to market your website visit

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Social Media Marketing

2009 October 9
Social media marketing has become one of the more popular methods for promoting website products and services. In my opinion, there are reasons to continue using social media marketing, but there are also reasons against.

The advantage of social media marketing is the relative ease of using such a medium. You can have a link to a product or website posted in mere seconds. Gone are the days of posting ads in the newspaper or mail when you would have to wait weeks and even months to see if your advertising was having an effect. With Twitter and Facebook you can track whether people visited your link in a matter of hours. At then end of the night you can check your Google Analytics account and find out exactly whether or not you received any referrals from your twitter links. It allows much quicker market testing and the opportunity to reach a broad audience.

Twitter is especially suited for broadcasting new events surrounding business area of choice. The application known as TweetSearch allows you to type in keywords that match your business interests. Others who share those same business interests will show up in the results where you can quickly choose to follow their tweets. The more people you follow, the more likely others will follow you. Since you are following people who share common business interests, it will allow a much better opportunity to share whatever it is your website has to offer. People who follow your tweets will be more likely to click on your links since they have already stated their mutual business interest. Such targeted traffic could prove useful should you have an exciting new product or idea to announce.

Negative aspects that surround Twitter and other social media marketing mediums include heavy spam content. Have you ever actually gone through all the tweets from those you follow? My interest is online business so I have chosen to follow many people who share that interest. Reading their tweets is a complete waste of time. 90% of the tweets are self-promoting, “look at my website or product” tweets. It is nearly impossible to filter through the garbage and find an idea of worth. There are many times when I do not read through any of the posted tweets. I log in to twitter post my tweet and get out for fear that the shameless advertising will put me into a state of complete boredom.

How do we combat the fact that social media marketing may not always be effective? Diversify your marketing tactics. Just as stock brokers will tell you to diversify your investments, it is important you use more than one method of advertising your website. For example, if the only method of marketing you used was pay per click advertising, you would go broke in a couple of months. If you combine pay per click, social media marketing, blogging, article marketing, banner advertising, and a host of other methods you are much more likely to gain a steady stream of traffic. When social media marketing is not going so well then perhaps your submitted articles will pick up the slack by producing clicks. Or if your articles are not working that day then your blog will produce traffic. It is all about being creative and staying on top of the best ways to market your website. As you continue marketing each day you will find the methods that best suit your business.
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Online Business Resources: How I Made My First Million and How You Can Too!

2009 October 3

Ewan Chia’s “How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!: The Complete Insider’s Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business,” is one of the most useful online business books around.

Before I proceed with the book review, I want it to be clear that I am not being compensated by Ewan Chia for writing this review. In fact, borrow this book from the library and pay nothing. The important issue is that you receive and apply the information contained within “How I Made My First Million.” The ideas contained within the book are free, with a few minor exceptions depending on how you choose to run your business. For example, whether you choose to pay for an auto-responder or find a free service.

In the book Ewan goes into detail about how to get your online business started. He writes so that even the most amateur online business owner can understand and apply the simple business ideas. Ewan talks about finding a niche by looking at your interests and focusing on a business idea that intrigues you. For example, if you have specialized knowledge in dog training he relates how you can build a website around your knowledge. Create information products such as “8 Special Ways to Get Your Dog to do What You Want.” Or promote other people’s products through affiliate marketing. Write interesting content to introduce your info or affiliate product. Spark people’s interest and reveal that you have expertise within your topic of choice.

Ewan discusses at length the idea of gathering contact details from those who view your web pages. If you can get the email addresses of those who look at your website you are on your way to having a successful online business. The reason is that most people do not make purchases on their first visit to a website. When you capture their email it allows you to remind your subscribers of the great offers from your website.

Capturing emails is a bit of an art. The key is to offer potential subscribers a reason to give you their email. Offer a free ebook or software download to entice people to subscribe. The free offers will build your credibility as people will see that you provide quality services. As they enjoy your freebie you can then remind them how much more they will like your offered products. You can use a “squeeze” page, which will funnel people towards your free offer allowing you to capture subscriber details.

Ewan describes the various methods to generate free traffic to your website. He simply relates that you must get your web link in as many places as you possibly can. You do this by blogging, joining forums related to your business, submitting free articles, and link exchanges.

I enjoyed reading Ewan’s book because of his motivational story. He was able to raise himself out of poverty and persevere through hardship. He struggled mightily and tried hundreds of online business methods before he found out what worked. The book not only describes how to build your online business, but is a great motivator to persist through difficult circumstances. “How I made my first million” is an inspirational book that will motivate you to do something everyday to improve your life.
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Viral Blogging

2009 September 29

Creating a popular blog takes persistence and excellent content. People are not going to follow your blog unless they feel it benefits them somehow. What can be gained by reading your blog? If the blog is not filling a need then more likely than not, you will have few followers.

The question becomes, how does one create a blog that will generate hits and attract followers? There are a few keys to creating a blog that will spread like a virus. A blog where people email their friends and co-workers to let them know about the powerful information offered by such informative articles.

1. Create Powerful Information – Your information must have value. Whether you are writing about internet marketing, dog grooming, or haircut styles, your information must provide a fresh angle. You provide a fresh angle by learning as much as you possibly can about your subject. When you have mastered your subject, you can insert your own insights about the topic. For example, an experienced internet marketer may be able to give beginning marketers an idea about how best to go about online marketing. He could write articles about marketing tactics that provide great value and also marketing ideas that have been a waste of time.

2. Make it Easy for Readers to Understand – Write so that anyone just looking into the subject could pick up on what you are talking about. When you write articles that appeal to people of all skill levels and experience, you will be able to attract more followers. Take people step by step as to how they can apply the principles you are trying to teach. For example, an internet marketer could relate the steps to marketing an online business.

3. Write Consistently – People are always hungry for new information and if you do not write consistently interest will wane. You should be able to post something weekly or at least bi-weekly so that your followers have something to look forward to. Maybe someone just craves the ideas that you throw out on a weekly basis. When they see that you are not putting out articles on a frequent basis they may begin to look elsewhere for their information.

Last of all, have fun with what you are writing. People want to see that you have a passion for your subject. They want to see that you are informed and actually care about your content. As you perform these simple steps you can expect to create a viral blog or website.

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Monetizing Your Blog

2009 September 24

By Wesley Deans

Everyone wants to make an extra paycheck online these days. One of the bests ways to do so is by creating a blog that can generate income. How do you make a blog that can earn a hefty paycheck?

1. Content is King – The top priority should be creating content that is worth reading. If you write blog posts that are worth reading people will come back to your blog over and over. You will be able to build a following, so that when you have something to say there will actually be people who read it. Choose a blog topic you enjoy and focus in on that topic. Do not write a financial blog one day and a cooking blog the next. Hone in on different aspects of your main topic. For example, I enjoy blogging about online business. It’s a subject people are interested in because everyone wants to make money and also there are a great number of subtopics within online business.

2. Spread the Word About Your Blog – If you are simply making blog posts and nothing else, you are not doing enough. Submit your blog to search engines. Post twitter messages about your blog updates. Join blog directories that will catalog your blog. Blog Catalog and My Blog Log are both great blog directories that can connect you with other bloggers who share similar interest. Within such blog directories you will be able to join communities and add contacts, which will allow your blog more exposure.

3. Monetize Your Blog – If you are attracting followers and getting decent web traffic for your blog, but making no money, then you are wasting an opportunity. With a captive audience reading your blog there is an opportunity to place ads and affiliate links, which relate to your blog subject. For example, if you write a dating tips blog you could place an affiliate link to You are providing people the service of giving them a quality reference. If they visit and make a purchase then you will receive a cut of the profits. Google Adsense allows you to place ads that are related to the subject matter of your blog. Utilize these tools to start creating income as you blog.

4. Do Something Every Day – Persistence and effort are necessary if you wish to make a substantial income as a blogger. Generating adequate traffic takes time and requires you to place your blog link all over the web. Link exchanges, comment posts, message forums, and article writing can all be used as ways to place a link back to your blog. If you take the time to do something each day with the purpose of promoting your blog, eventually you will have made something that can generate income.

Blogging is a great way to express yourself and share ideas with others. Most people are casual bloggers who will never make a dime from their posts. You can be different with a bit of extra effort and persistence. Good luck.

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Additional Blogs

2009 September 22
Posted by snipes119

Internet Blogs

Blog Catalog

2009 September 22
Posted by snipes119

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Pre-Selling Tips: A Great Way to Boost Conversions

2009 September 21

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Here is a snippet to wet your appetite:

Good pre-selling is a bit like good art..

Visitors know great content when they ready it. Winning pre-selling content works at several levels.

1. It has that “been there done that” flair

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